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3D Viewer

The SonarScope-3D viewer is an add-on to SonarScope software, providing an innovative and high-performance 3D viewer for any type of data produced by SonarScope, in a complete realistic world.

Data input type :

  • DTM,
  • Images, textures (shaded DTM, Backscatter image, etc.),
  • Water column data (other vertical images to come...),
  • Vertical data (seismic data, subbottom profiler data, single beam sonar data, ...),
  • multi-point objects (ex. bubbles)
  • many to come...

DTM elevation and resolution are properly rendered, and doesn't consist on a simple image draped over software own's DTM, as it is for a GoogleEearth export. Vertical exaggeration can go up to 20 which should suffice for most sea floor representation.
It can also handle any georeferenced scientific data (oceaonagraphy, geology, etc.) downloaded from WMS server.
It is primarily aimed at displaying DTM, with real resolution rendering, and water column data, but it can also handle other data types, such as points, vessel navigation and other features detected by SonarScope algorithms.

Take the tour, and watch the following demo videos that highlight viewer's capacities :
( right click to play/pause video, double click to toggle full screen mode)

Pionneering water column data visualization

SonarScope 3D Viewer has been designed to display any kind of image, including vertical images such as water column data. Hence this viewer is an important part of water column data processing, enabling user to correlate water column data features to seabed features on batymetry or backscatter.

The next picture shows compensated water column data imported into SonarScope 3D viewer, along with corresponding bathymetry and vessel navigation.

SonarScope-3DViewer is a complete standalone application based on NasaWorldWind technology and its powerfull 3D engine. It is developed in Java, and available on all platforms runnning NasaWorldWind.

Copyright (C) 2001 United States Government
as represented by the Administrator of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.
All Rights Reserved.

SonarScope-3DViewer also includes contents developed by Altran Ouest Brest

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