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This site contains information about GLOBE software.

GLOBE software is a post-processing software to handle, clean, chart and display global oceanographic 3D data. This software can be used at sea during cruises or in any scientific laboratory.


Soundings stored in mbg files, Reson s7k files or Simrad .all files imported in your project can be displayed and edited in the “Swath Editor” tool.

The Swath Editor builds a DTM with the input soundings. 

The user can configure ellipsoid and projection when building the DTM:

The DTM computing implementation software is based on GDAL library (

It also takes in account most of the spatial references listed in

The user can validate or invalidate soundings in the swath editor, and recompute the resulting DTM.

GLOBE software exports DTM in netCDF files.

GLOBE software draws histograms and compute statistics on both Sounder files and DTM files.

From the histograms, the user can invalidate soundings in a sounder file.

GLOBE software is able to process data from many types of equipments, multibeam echosounders and sidescan sonars in a single software.GLOBE software is composed of various plugins. Each elementary process executes a specific function, the interactive and graphic editor allows to interact with data. So, new processes can be easily developed in GLOBE software architecture.

GLOBE software has a complete set of tools to process bathymetry, backscatter and sidescan data:

  • Display and process sounds,
  • Powerful statistics module,
  • DTM generation,
  • Connection to Data Centers.

GLOBE software includes a geographic 3D Viewer, which allows the user to display data such as :

  • Digital Terrain Model,
  • Geotiff files,
  • WMS data,
  • Seismic data,
  • Water column data,

Examples of GLOBE data :

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