Keywords : real, time, systems

Real time systems

Real time information processing on board THALASSA

The real-time systems are connected to the multipurpose network, and can exchange their information through it.

Data acquisition systems :

  • The TS-CINNA real-time navigation station.
  • The TS-CITE technical data acquisition station.
  • The TS-TERMES scientific data acquisition station.
    TERMES acquires scientific measurements on board, such as :
    • meteorology and wind station, thermosalinometer,
    • weighing in the species sorting room, vertical soundings from fishing sounders.

Data archiving system :

  • The TS-ARCHIV data archiving station.

ARCHIV saves data on an digital optical disk (ship navigation, raw and processed data from fishing echo-sounders SIMRAD EK500 and MICREL OSSIAN 500, 1500 and 2500, technical and scientific sensors).

Les systèmes de visualisation :

  • The TS-VIDOP fisheries data display system.
  • The TS-SDIV video and graphic diffusion system.

SDIV is available on many terminals on the ship. Thus, everyone can visualize local network data according to specific needs.

SDIV provides a MPEG 1 video server upon request through the multipurpose network. Any one of the 18 video signals is available on the terminals. These video signals are channelled from monitoring cameras or external inputs (underwater camera, remote operated vehicle (R.O.V.), ...).

For safety purposes, the crew SDIV terminals (navigation bridge and engine rooms) have an analog video link from the video matrix switcher. Thus, in the event of computer failure, video information remains available.

Scientific cruise logbook :

  • The TS-CASINO electronic scientific logbook.