Keywords : -


  • Computer equipment

    • IT network

    CISCO 4510R and 3750G gigaEthernet, Wifi and IP telephony multiservices network

    • Computer servers and terminals

    Hewlett Packard on RedHat Enterprise Linux and Windows XP

    • Digital videosurveillance

    Panasonic, MPEG4 ENVIVIO encoder

  • Software

    • Acquisition and storage control unit

    TECHSAS software (Ifremer)

    • Integrated navigation control unit

    CINNA software (Génavir)

    • ADCP data acquisition

    VDMAS software (RDI)

    • SMF data acquisition

    7K and PDS 7000 software (Reson)

    • CTD data storage

    SEASOFT software (Seabird)

    • Sensor control

    QUARTAO and ALICE software (Génavir)

    • Real-time mission monitoring

    SUMATRA software (Ifremer)

    • Data and video visualisation onboard the ship

    SDIV+ software (Ifremer)

    • Computerised scientific logbook

    CASINO+ software (Ifremer)

    • SMF data processing

    CARAIBES software (Ifremer)

    • Navigation data processing

    CARAIBES software - TRINAV module (Génavir)

    • Video device data processing

    ADELIE software (Ifremer)

    • Scientific software

    MatLab, GMT, ANAIS, etc.