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Pourquoi pas ?

L'océan, un défi commun

The hydrographic and oceanographic requirements of the French Navy and the scientific community involve similar work, which encourages the ministries of defence and of research to build a partnership for their maritime resources. To this end, two ships have been jointly built by the Ministry of Defence and Ifremer.

  • A shared-use civilian ship, fitted by Genavir, under the French flag. She bears the name Pourquoi pas? as a tribute to captain Charcot. At roughly one hundred metres, the ship is co-financed by Ifremer (55%) and the French navy (45%), Ifremer having 180 days' use per year and the navy 150. She is a multi-purpose ship, equipped for working whilst moving and optimised for on-site work.

    The Pourquoi pas? can therefore conduct hydrographic (deep or costal waters), geoscientific and physical/chemical/biological oceanographic missions, and deploy the institute's scienfitic equipment. During a mission, she is able of deploying two types of heavy equipment, such as the Nautile, Victor 6000 or a towed device. She can also be chartered.

  • A military ship, the "Beautemps-Beaupré", designed to fulfill the strategic requirements of the navy and of SHOM, in the North Atlantic in particular. She bears the name "Beautemps-Beaupré" as a tribute to the father of French hydrography.
    Her main missions focus on hydrography, fine bathymetry and physical oceanography. Ifremer finances 5% of the ship and can use her for 10 days/year. Her design is based on the Thalassa.