Keywords : real, time, systems

Real time systems

Real time data processing on board L'ATALANTE

L'ATALANTE's real time systems are connected to the multiservice network through which they can exchange their information. The systems include:

Data acquisition systems :

  • AT-CINNA integated navigation system.
    CINNA : navigation system acquisition and ship's route representation in a cartographic area (GPS, electromagnetic and Doppler logs, gyro-compass and ship parameters ).
    Related sensors:
    • GPS,
    • Doppler and electromagnetic logs,
    • scientific and bridge gyro-compass,
    • ship's parameters.
  • AT-CITE technical measurement system.
    CITE manages and acquires data from all technical sensors :
    • movements, attitude and propulsion of the ship,
    • oceanographic, hydrological and bathysounder winches.
  • AT-TERMES scientific measurement acquisition system .
    TERMES acquires ship's scientific measurements, such as :
    • meteorology, wind, thermosalinograph,
    • magnetometer, gravimeter,
    • high-precision sea water thermometer.

Data recording system :

CARAIBES-ARCHIV data recording system.

Display systems :

  • Bathymetric imagery data and CARAIBES display system .
    CARAIBES provides visualization of cartographic benchmarks with a two-screen configuration , multibeam sounder data and various ship measures acquired by the AT-CINNA and AT-TERMES systems.
  • AT-SDIVvideographic broadcast system.
    Real time acquisition of all ship's measurements (geophysical, physical, technical, etc.). It generates videographic screens (synthetic images) based on this data, making it possible to inform the crew about operations and measurements underway (monitoring of profile, bathymetry, meteorology, winch status, etc.).

    These screens and five cameras are shown simultaneously on the broadband network like television channels. At any connection point, users can view these screens with a standard television set and an infrared remote control.

  • AT-CASINO computerized logbook.
    CASINO acquires, displays, edits and backs up significant parameters for the survey and the ship (scientific and bridge data) in an EXCEL table.