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The main video channel is compatible with Nautile and Victor 6000.

Camera orientator

The orientator, designed by Ifremer, is the same as for Victor 6000. It can be moved by 2 degrees (pan & tilt) and stands a 50 daN charge.

It is fitted with the scientific camera and optionally an additional equipment not exceeding the charge limitation.

The orientation angles of the main camera are logged in Acquanaut 3.

The angles accuracy is ± 0.4 degree.

Scientific camera

It consists of:

  • 3 CCD video camera: Sony DXC 990 P sensor ½ ",
  • Zoom: Sony VCK 714 BXEA,
  • Housing: Titanium 6000 m, Dim : 155 mm, 571 mm long,
  • Porthole : Hemispheric, made of PMMA,
  • Underwater field of vision: Horizontal: 74 degrees, Vertical: 59 degrees.

This camera is compatible with the Victor 6000's. It is directly linked and protected with the BETACAM video recorder located in the sphere so as to obtain high-quality recording.

Its video signal is also available to be recorded on digital recorders.

Digital recording of video images

Video images are directly recorded on DVD (2X2 DVD per dive).

Digital images will be available on the scientific station ADELIE.

Virtual dimensional scale

As an option, the scientific camera is equipped with four pointer lasers. This system is the same as for the scientific camera of the Victor 6000.

These lasers comply with the safety of people in the Nautile's sphere looking throughout the porhole