Keywords : sensors


Pressure sensor

Paroscientific Sensor Model 8B7000 1284 001-0, conditioned in a 6000-m housing at Ifremer standard:

  • Measurement Extent (EM): 0- 690 bar of absolute pressure,
  • Class of Precision: 0,01 % of EM,
  • Resolution: 1x 10-8.

Temperature sensor

Sensor developed by the direction of Technologie Marine et des Systèmes d'Information (TMSI) for Victor 6000 and used on Nautile:

  • Measurement extent: -5 °C à +500 °C,
  • Class of Precision:
    • ± 0,1°C within the range -5 °C to +50 °C,
    • ± 1°C within the range +50 ° to +500 °C,
  • Number of sensors installed:
    • 1 vehicle sensor at the back,
    • 1 scientific mobile sensor at the front.


RDI sensor, model NAVIGATOR 300 kHz DVL, conditioned in a 6000-m using at Ifremer standard:

This sensor also includes:

  • A pressure sensor,
  • A magnetic compass,
  • A roll & pitch sensor,
  • A temperature sensor.

The same 600 kHz model is supplied on Victor 6000.

GPS Antenna

Nautile is fitted with a surface AshtecGPS used to:

  • record the accurate diving point,
  • give the pilots the accurate vehicle position when surfacing.

The 1st geographic position is acquired in 3 minutes then every 20 seconds. The precision of this sensor depends on the geographic area. The sensor data is recorded by the navigation and data acquisition system Acquanaut 3.