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Looking for favorable conditions to take quality images led to adopt the following solutions:

  • the addition of an automatic light feedback flash
  • the viewing of shots centring
  • the retention of spool cameras
  • the installation of a digital still camera as an option

Automatic light feedback flash

When shooting, a first flashlight is transmitted to an external cell. Then the flash calculates the power required depending on the light level of the object to be shot.

This flash is defined to pilot spool cameras like Benthos and digital still cameras.

An internal contact is used to control the flash from a camera within the sphere.

Main characteristics:

  • Quantity of flash heads: 1 or 2 upon request
  • Power: 900 J divided between 1 or 2 heads
  • Number of flashlights: 12 per min

Sight screen

The passenger can see the shot image on an LCD screen, installed near the porthole.

This image is:

  • either from the auxiliary video camera wired up in parallel to the Benthos camera
  • or from the video signal sent by the digital still camera (APN) ; in this case the operator can modify the shot centring.

Digital still camera

The Nautile is equipped optionally with a Hytec digital still camera that can record 150 shots, computer-dated and numbered. These pictures are recorded on a CD Rom at the end of the dive.

Then the images are directly referenced with respect to the navigation.


  • Housing: Titanium 6000 m, 100 mm in diameter, 300 mm long,
  • CCD sensor: > 3,3 M.pixels,
  • Zoom: 8 to 24 mm, motorised,
  • Field of underwater vision: 43 degrees to 16 degrees on the image cross,
  • Synchro flash: external,
  • Parameters setting: on internal rack and operator's switching box,
  • Sight: via video image on sight screen inside the sphere,
  • Operation modes: autofocus and macro function,
  • White contrast balance: automatic,
  • Shutter speed: adjustable from 2 to 1/2000 s.