Keywords : data, acquisition

Data acquisition

The Nautile is fitted with a scientific data acquisition and exploitation system Aquanaut 3 including equipment onboard the vehicle and the surface ship.

The vehicle equipment is used for data acquisition and bottom navigational measurements.

The equipment located in the navigation station are used for preparation, follow-up, and recording of scientific data.

Data exploitation is carried out using the scientific ADELIE software dedicated to scientists and installed aboard the ship.

The main changes are the following:

In the Nautile :

  • New sensors (log, distancemeter, pressure, temperature)
  • Data acquisition by scientific interfaced sensors continuously (optical and positioning parametres of the scientific camera) or optionally (geocompass)
  • Availability and acquisition of bottom navigational data (long baseline system, dead reckoning and hybrid mode)
  • Acquisition and dating of particular events (i.e.: photo shots)

On surface ship :

  • Availability and acquisition of surface navigational data POSEIDON version 2002
  • Recording of data by vehicle (diving navigational data, parameters and events) and by surface ship on CD-Rom (onel CD-Rom per diving) or DAT using VEMO+ software
  • Exploitation of data recorded by ADELIE software
  • Exploitation of data using standard software like EXCEL
  • Implementation of a diving preparation mode by the scientist using ADELIE, directly transmitted to Nautile via the computer network.