Keywords : functions


Main functions of MIMOSA :

  • Management of cruises and missions (creation, closing, presentation, reporting, data export). Multiple vehicles support.
  • Integration of user data in a large number of formats (as MIMOSA is based on the ArcGISTM kernel, all formats available in ArcViewTM are supported).
  • Support of electronic nautical charts : vector (S-57) and raster (BSB, ARCS).
  • Integration of underwater digital terrain model (CARAIBES, GEBCO and ASCII formats).
  • Definition of operational constraints (maximum depth, maximum duration, minimum or maximum speed, available energy, meeting points, forbidden areas, etc.)
  • Library of mission elements (predefined or user defined).
  • Library of macros which generate automated or repetitive modifications of mission elements (automatic dive segmentation, dive starting, surface GPS fixes, etc.).
  • Assisted and interactive dive design (cartographic and vertical views, drawing tools for route planning, tree and tasks table views, property and constraint editors, …).
  • Dive real-time validation (according to functional and operational constraints defined by the user, to vehicle and payload configuration, to vehicle behaviour, to bathymetry, ...).
  • Transformation of mission plans to vehicle specific language (e.g. ISE Explorer .mis mission file), export and download of mission plans and vehicle configurations.
  • Real-time tracking of mobiles (ship, vehicle, acoustic, simulated, ...).
  • Analysis and replay of data (navigation, sensor data curves, payload raw data).
  • Management of user interface perspectives for each mission management step (preparation, supervision, replay, observation).
  • Support for payloads : TRDI ADCP, SIMRAD EK60 echosounder, SIMRAD EM2000 multibeam echosounder, Seabird CTD.
  • Support for acoustic positioning systems : IXSEA Posidonia USBL, IXSEA GAPS USBL, ACSA GIB.