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MIMOSA (MIssion Management fOr Subsea Autonomous vehicles) is an integrated software dedicated to operational mission management of autonomous underwater vehicles.

MIMOSA covers the whole cruise life cycle:

  • preparation of cruises and missions,
  • dives programming and validation,
  • real-time supervision of mobiles,
  • post-mission analysis and reporting,
  • vehicle and payload data management.

MIMOSA gathers all the tools the final user (scientist or operator) will require to plan and carry out operational dives.
At the end of a dive, MIMOSA gives the user the possibility to get the data collected by the vehicle and its payload in order to prepare the next dive.
When the cruise is over, MIMOSA provides to the scientist all the cruise data ready to be used and analysed with its specific tools.

One of the main aims of MIMOSA is to help the user in a quick and easy programming of realistic and reliable dives, even if he does not have a deep knowledge of the vehicle. MIMOSA handles the vehicle and payload technical features, as well as the mission functional and operational constraints.

Preparation of missions can be done on shore (in a laboratory) and finalized at sea (being connected to the vehicle).

MIMOSA is based on geographic information systems technologies (ArcGISTM kernel from ESRI Inc.). So, the user have a complete and open cartographic environment in which he can easily integrate his own data and maps.

MIMOSA stores all dives data (mission plans, configurations, vehicle and payload data, navigation, user data, environment data) and can export all or part of the cruise data for scientific exploitation.

MIMOSA is currently used by the vehicle ASTERX and will be used by all Ifremer's autonomous vehicles fleet.

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