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How to get ADELIE

Ifremer distributes ADELIE software to underwater vehicle users who want to post-process their data and video.

ADELIE is distributed under contract.

ADELIE license includes :

  • Installation files and user manual.
  • Maintenance service for the software.
  • 2 supported languages (French and English).
  • no source code.

For the correct operation of ADELIE, the user must acquire the recommended hardware and software.
To get an ADELIE license, please send us your request by post, specifying the language in which you want to receive the user manual (English and/or French).
Send your request to:

Ifremer, centre de Brest
 département DCB/NSE
 BP 70,
 29 280 Plouzané - France

For more information, please contact the DCB/NSE department manager (email :