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MultiTrace Seismic Surveys (SMT)

Since extensive use of infrastructure is required for conducting SMT seismic surveys, specific, fully containerised equipment must be used (ten 20' containers and four 10' containers') weighing almost 150 tons. All the equipment is dedicated to this operation and at present is only installed on L'Atalante.

Quarterdeck and SMT reels

The source used by SMT

The standard configuration onboard the Nadir includes a 660 m3/h compressor, three 300 m3/h compressors (one 20' container and one 10' container) and a 150 m3 compressor giving 1260m3/h of useable capacity. The range of sources used includes GI and Bolt type air guns (maximum of 14).

The SMT Streamer

The SMT streamer, which is only used in conventional MultiTrace seismic surveys was purchased in 1999. It is a fully digital streamer consisting of 30 active sections, each 150m in length, and each section includes 12 traces of 12.5m. Each trace includes 16 parallel hydrophones.

'Digital Technology' is used. This means that acoustic signals receieved by the hydrophones are immediately digitised by a card integrated into each trace of the streamer. The digitised information is then transmitted to the acquisition laboratory.

When assembled in this way, the streamer is 5,000m in length, or 4,500m of active sections to which additional sections must be added.

The Acquisition Systems

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