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Navigation facilities

The OLEX software package is a cartography and navigation aid tool. The system can be run with the Linux RedHat operating system. It has been used in Ifremer coastal vessels since the beginning of 2003.

OLEX uses:

  • Vectorial maps in S57 or CMAP CM93 format
  • WGS84 geodesic system

Scientific control room layout on the RV L'Europe

  • Screen displaying navigational and cartographical data
  • A second Dataview screen to view data from sensors which cannot be directly interfaced with OLEX

OLEX provides the following functions :

  • Acquires positioning and depth measurements
  • Monitors the ship in real-time
  • Stores measurements
  • Monitors towed craft
  • Automatic and real-time function for calculating bathymetry
  • Viewing of standard 2D cartography in 3D

OLEX may be connected to different types of sensors :

  • GPS
  • Sounders
  • Météo France Batos weather centre
  • Logs
  • Dragnet positioning sensors - Geonet, Scanmar
  • Traction and fishing rope length sensor - Marelec

Dataview provides the following functions :

  • Receives measurements from the sensors
  • Timestamps measurements
  • Stores measurements
  • Graphics viewing

OLEX is a system developed in Norway by the company OLEX and marketed in France by Magic Instinct Software.