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System Configuration

TECHSAS system is fully configurable by the user. Due to this, this software can be installed on different ships without any code modification.

The user specifies global configuration parameters:

  • vessel name
  • Data broadcast adress on the network,
  • data record paths,
  • time-stamping system (PC time or external system),
  • record file format.

The user has to declare the sensors and equipments to acquire. The user can enter a minimum value and a maximum value for each data of any sensor. TECHSAS will control that any data value is in the specified interval. If one data is out of the interval, TECHSAS emits an alarm.

The user enters the communication parameters of each sensor (IP port or serial parameters). Moreover, he can enter optionnal comments about each sensor which will be saved in NetCDF record files:

  • equipment name,
  • equipment position on board the ship,
  • first use date,
  • install date,
  • last calibration date,
  • calibration parameters,
  • working parameters.