Keywords : data, display

Data Display

Three major kinds of display are possible:

  • Control display,
  • Data display, which can be:
    • raw data display (sensor data as received from the equipment),
    • nmeric data display,
    • graphical data display,
  • Log book display.

Control and statistics window

This window shows:

  • each sensor acquisition state (green is OK, red is KO, blue is inactive)
  • recording flow for each sensor,
  • usage percentage for both recording path,
  • mission name and file number being recorded.

Data Display

Raw data display

This functionnality is useful for integrating a new sensor or for investigating any problem.

Numeric data display

This functionnality allows the user to see the last 100 values of an acquired data.

All data are represented in a tree. One root is associated with one equipment being acquired. Each branch represent one data.

Graphic data display

One's can display three curves on the same chart window.

Time, or any acquired data can be used as abscissa for these curves.

The user can zoom inor out and modify the scales.

Log book

This functionnality shows different event and alarms generated and recorded by the system.

In addition to usual alarms, TECHSAS records events like:

  • start the application
  • stop the application
  • add an equipment to acquire,
  • rrmove an equipment,
  • modify an equipment,
  • start acquisition,
  • stop acquisition, ...

Alarms and events can be sorted by priority or by their types.