TECHnical and Scientific sensors Acquisition System

TECHnical and Scientific sensors Acquisition System

Version actuelle : 2.35

TECHSAS is the oceanographic and marine data acquisition system used by Ifremer, SHOM, NIWA and NOC.

Running under Linux RedHat Operating System, it is installed on an industrial PC with multiport serial boards.

TECHSAS provides the following functionnalities:

  • sensors measures acquisition,
  • measures time-stamping,
  • measures recording,
  • technical display for control,
  • real-time broadcast on the local IP network.

TECHSAS can process the following types of sensors and equipments :

  • time systems ( ZDA NMEA frames),
  • Seabird SBE21 thermosaliographs,
  • Seabird Water samplers,
  • Meteo France weather systems,
  • Vaisala weather systems,
  • GPS,
  • gyrocompass,
  • lochs,
  • Lockheed-Martin BGM and BodenSeeWerk KSS gravimeters,
  • SeaSpy et Thomson SMMII magnetometers,
  • Aplanix HDMS and SeaTex SeaPath attitude sensors,
  • Oceano-technologies Posidonia underwater positionning systems,
  • Trawl positionning systems (Pacha, Scanmar, Geonet),
  • Simrad EA400, EA500, EA600 monobeam sounders,
  • Simrad EM12, EM120, EM1002 multibeam sounders,
  • Reson 7111, 7125 and 7150 multibeam sounders.

The connections between these equipments and TECHSAS are either, UDP/IP, RS232 or RS422.

Recording can be done at the ASCII/NMEA format or binary NetCDF format.

TECHSAS software is a "client-server" software. Each acquisition process acts as a data server. Recording and GUI process are client processes. Communication protocol between clients and servers is based on UDP/IP and XML. This architecture permits the user to develop its own fully compatible acquisition programs, and to run them with TECHSAS.