Keywords : water, column, data

Water Column Data

Most of the newly released multibeam echosounders now feature water-column data exports, but only few processing softwares can handle those.

SonaScope, alongside with its 3D viewer, can manage such data coming from Kongsberg or Reson MBES through a complete processing chain, coming from data import, quality control, compensation, and finaly 3D exports.

The following screenshot shows water column data for a single ping, in two different geometries :

  • Beam Vs Samples
  • Depth Vs across track distance

WC data in BeamSample geometry

WC data in DepthAccrosDist geometry

SonarScope features all the following processing tools :

  • water column data display and movie making,
  • water column data echo-integration,
  • water column features pointing.

The next picture shows compensated water wolumn data imported into SonarScope 3D viewer, along with corresponding bathymetry and vessel navigation.