Keywords : principle


SonarScope reads bathymetric data or images, in their native format. It performs radiometric and geometric corrections to backscatter data resulting in GIS-ready datasets. As a complement, it also reads and output other third party software.

SonarScope can be seen as an oscilloscope, allowing thorough analyses of the data, whether in raw, transient or final form.

SonarScope can also be seen as a microscope, because it can be use to visualize the data globally as well as at the pixel level.

From an ergonomic point of view, SonarScope is like an image processing software (e.g. : Photoshop) : the image to process is displayed on the monitor, one can apply to it any sorts of manipulations (zoom, browse, movement, global or local contrast...). One can apply processing like geometric changes, statistical compensations, filters...... in this case, the original image is not modified. A new one is created, and it is possible to go back to the previous image.