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SUMATRA software allows oceanographic or hydrographic users to monitor missions in a GIS (geographic information system) environment.

The main functions available include

  • monitoring movables such as the ship (route produced by CINNA or from GPS data) and the devices (BUC navigation, Estime for Victor6000),
  • displaying the projected route of the ship (plotted by CINNA),
  • displaying device events,
  • monitoring MBS coverage (for example, the deep-sea MBS on the Pourquoi pas? or the very shallow water MBS on the MMR).
  • displaying scientific parameters along the route of movables (weather, gravimetry, magnetisme, etc.),
  • representing physical data (Sippican, CTD, ADCP),
  • displaying halieutic data,
  • displaying data from CASINO+
  • monitoring MBS surveys (DTM, isocontours, mosaics).

Supplmentary features are available:

  • temporal monitoring,
  • thermal plotter printing.