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Software for real-time mission monitoring based on ArcGIS 10

SUMATRA software has been developed for use onboard the oceanographic vessel the Pourquoi pas?, to provide the scientific community with a real-time monitoring tool for missions at sea.

It provides oceanographic or hydrographic users real-time cartographic monitoring of the main scientific sensors onboard or on towed or remote-operated devices. Its modular design means that one map can be used to display generic elements such as the route of the vessel, the projected route, the values of the sensors along the route, the current or wind fields or more complicated displays such as real-time digital models of the terrain or mosaics of video or acoustic patterns. Overlying layers (DTM grid, georeferencing patterns, list of important points, S57 format hydrographic data, etc) can be added using the standard tools: the scientist therefore has exhaustive mapping of the working area permanently available. This display can be used to monitor the quality of the work and to plan the next stages of the mission (new multibeam or seismic profile, core sampling point, etc.). Based on GIS technology, SUMATRA software is particularly suited to working in operating conditions.

Currently being updated, SUMATRA has been installed onboard the Pourquoi pas? in early 2006 and the rolled out across all of Ifremer's deep-sea vessels.
The software has been developed over the last years, adding functions for device or fishing operations monitoring.