Keywords : user, interface

User interface

CARAIBES software is used through a user interface, available in French or English, which has four windows :

  • the SUPERVISION (necessary) to check the processing execution.
    Its functionalities are :
    • display of processing flow status (running, successful or failed, current processing),
    • access to the processing flow log,
    • possibility of immediately stopping the processing flow.
  • the PROCESSING FLOW builder (necessary) to run executions

    The processing flow builder window includes two parts :

    • a graphic editing area to interactively build a series of processing tasks, connected or not, which forms a flow,
    • a processing palette area which presents, through thumbnail indexes, the processing applications available to the user; the domain organization and the list of processings in the palette can be configured.

    A double click on a processing icon in the graphic area gives access to the processing parameters which can be modified by the user.


    • special icons in the CARAIBES file manager window identify the CARAIBES-recognized files. This enables navigation throughout the files system,
    • files can be selected then dropped in the graphic area of the processing flow builder to inform the processing interfaces,
    • a file summary can be obtained by double clicking on the file's icon.
  • the WORKING SITE to organize data.

    A working site allows archiving of a data set in a single entity called a site which is defined by a name and a geographic area. A site can contain :

    • raw data from surveys,
    • subsidiary data : coastlines, paths, cable routes, …
    • areas destined for study containing elaborated data (DTMs, image mosaics)

    The working site window has two parts :

    • a graphic part to display the geographic area and data included in the site in the form of survey routes,
    • a CARAIBES file manager with only site data.

The online help, available from any window, is made up of HTML pages which can be viewed with a standard browser.