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Subsidary files

CARAIBES uses a number of auxiliary files which are available to you here if they have not already been installed. These are:

  • coastlines, which can be used with the cartographic viewer,
  • the international topographical and bathymetrical database ETOPO5 (measured by 5 minutes' latitude and longitude), which may be used in the Matopo module to generate a digital terrain model from any part of the world, and its update TerrainBase,
  • the international database of temperature and salinity profiles LEVITUS, which may be used in the Celeri module to.generate a celerity profile in CARAIBES format.

To copy these files to your settings:

CARAIBES enables you to use new coastline files from the GMT database. To facilitate access to data, a breakdown by area is provided. All you have to do is right click, and then 'save target as' or 'save link as' to your study area to retrieve the relevant coastline file. These files can be used in any 2D CARAIBES viewer just by dragging and dropping.

Caution : it is advisable to check the good "adjustment" of tha data delivered by GMT. Effectively, the coastlines can be defined with several ellipsoids.