Keywords : v5.0, patches

V5.0 patches

Some anomalies (ano-xxx) of versions 5.0 have been corrected; they are listed in the table below.

Some evolutions (mod-xxx) are also available.

Patches for 5.0 :


Volume (MB)



Update date

To install the patch ano-xxx (or mod-xxx) on an existing version of CARAIBES, follow the instructions :

  • the user must have the right to write on the CARAIBES directory and files,
  • recover the file by clicking on its reference and put it on the directory <installation directory>/Caraibes_v4.4 without changing the name (type ano-xxx.tar.gz or mod-xxx.tar.gz),
  • decompress the file using the command "gunzip ano-xxx.tar.gz" (or "gunzip mod-xxx.tar.gz"),
  • restore the files from the patch using the command "tar xvf ano-xxx.tar" (or "tar xvf mod-xxx.tar").

(*) In the case of a new processing :

go to Caraibes_v4.4/Patches/ano-xxx (or mod-xxx) directory,

read the file ano-xxx.readme (or mod-xxx.readme) for further instructions.

To install patches, two rules must be followed :

  • if you want to recover a certain patch, it is needed to install the previous ones in the table,
  • the installation of the patches must be done according to the order in the table (from top to bottom).

The patches patches-xx-yy group the patches from xx to yy (order numbers in the list). The procedure and the nstallation rules are the same than for individual patches. Its allow the installation of several patches (10) in a single operation.