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Seafloor mapping software


The new 5.0 version (64 bits) is available since January 2016.

A CARAIBES Linux virtaul machine is available; send a mail to  Caraibes assistance :


Ifremer develops software for seafloor mapping using data from multibeam echosounders and towed sidescan sonars. Software specifications are made in close collaboration with researchers, signal processing and underwater acoustic specialists. To improve and test its software, Ifremer has significant processing facilities : real time simulation, post-processing laboratories, CASE tools, on-board testing (R/V L'Atalante, Pourquoi pas?,  Suroît and Thalassa, Simrad EM122, EM710, EM302 multibeams, Reson 7150, 7111 et 7125 multibeams, SAR and Klein 3000 sidescan sonars, ...).

3D presentation of a digital terrain model built with multibeam bathymetric data.


CARAIBES software © (CARtography Adapted to Imagery and BathymEtry of Sonars and multibeam echosounders) is the Ifremer's system for post-processing multibeam echosounders and sidescan sonars data..

The real time modules of CARAIBES are replaced by the SUMATRA software.

In addition to CARAIBES, SonarScope software, developped at Ifremer in a R&D framework, offers advanced functionalities for data analysis.

Vessels and on-board system Ifremer's department (NSE) delivers CARAIBES software © to the scientific comunity.

Presentation of a digital terrain model with reflectivity mapped on top of the bathymetry.