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ADELIE software is a post-processing tool-set which has been developed to visualize, handle, and enhance images, videos and data recorded during Ifremer underwater vehicle dives (NAUTILE, ROV VICTOR 6000, SCAMPI, etc.).

This software can be used at sea during cruises or in any scientific laboratory.

ADELIE has been designed and developed in the Ifremer Data Processing Department in collaboration with a group of scientists and operational crew members who have monitored the project. Thus, ADELIE meets user needs in the underwater data post-processing field.

ADELIE software has been specifically targeted for all Ifremer underwater vehicle users who want to save time and facilitate data handling and enhancement.

ADELIE helps to import recorded data which can be visualised and synchronized with the corresponding video. They can also be processed and interpreted to produce sea bed maps or image mosaics.


ADELIE Import 

This first tool helps convert NAUTILE, VICTOR 6000, etc., raw data into thematic files (such as navigation, attitude, events, measurements, observations descriptions,…). These files can be processed directly by most common PC tools such as Excel®, Microsoft Access®, or any other software which can read DBase File (like ArcMap® GIS).
The import operation can be done dive by dive or for a whole cruise.

Nautile Import
Victor Import

ADELIE imports underwater vehicle data and creates thematic tables (navigation, measurements, events, observation descriptions …)



Adelie Video is a Video Player software which calculates the real time from the video and can synchronize up tapes, files or DVDs with dive data. It allows to:

  • See data in dive time on numeric or graphic forms.
  • Capture new images and sequences. Subsequently, a video tape summary can be generated (a summary is a succession of pictures captured every n seconds from the video) at JPG or BMP format.
  • Make small video extract in AVI format.
  • Create observation : Users can make a list of observations and see them in data table (CSV files).

The software also allows to control Tape Video Recorders. The dive time is extracted from the video recorder.

ADELIE controls video tape recorders and synchronise data with the video. It provides video frame capture capabilities.



Based on ArcView® Geographic Information System (distributed by ESRI), ADELIE GIS has many functions which can display and process multimedia information. You can :

  • Filter and smooth vehicle navigation,
  • Filter all data types,
  • Calculate the new position of thematic element from the filtered navigation data,
  • Display in the background the sea bed map provided by Ifremer's CARAIBES software (contour lines, Digital Terrain Model, imagery …),
  • Draw a grid,
  • Add time labels on a same layer of data,
  • Visualize images and their characteristics,
  • Visualize all images of a dive and outline of their geographical position,
  • Comment an image,
  • Convert geographical coordinates,
  • Have direct access to pictures and video sequences (automatically position the video with a geographic mouse click)(*),
  • Control of the video directly from the GIS(*),
  • Graphically display latitude and longitude corresponding to the video (synchronization with ADELIE video tool). (Very useful for analysis),
  • Lay-out pages and print the obtained results on any plotter or printer using different sizes (A4, Letter, A3, A0 …).
  • Export data, results and page layouts in various formats (Dbase, Ascii text, WMF, BMP, Postscript, Adobe Illustrator, CGM, JPEG …).
  • Transform ASCI data into shapefile. This format allows moving graphics elements like in a drawing software,
  • Visualize dive characteristics,
  • Create a new layer of data (point, line or polygon type) and draw elements,
  • Display layered thematic fields in a 2D or 3D : navigation, events, bathymetry, still pictures
  • Change of the language of the menus dynamically.

(*) : You must have ADELIE Video installed on your computer.
1- ADELIE GIS an ArcView® extension. Have it installed on your computer is prerequisite. To use ADELIE GIS.
2- We recommended to install ADELIE GIS and ADELIE VIDEO to have access to all ADELIE SIG software's functions. They work on a same license.

Multi layer dive data visualization.

Multi layer dive data visualization.


Video and navigation track synchronization.

Video and navigation track synchronization.


This ArcView® extension allows you to display OTUS pictures or down looking camera photos in a GIS system.




This ArcView® extension allows you to create, from ADELIE VIDEO, observation layers and sea ground layers from the navigation (ADELIE GIS).
Sea ground layers can be created. A buffer is added to the navigation (Static or dynamic width calculation from altitude) and a specific symbology can be added based on specialized symbols ( biology, geology ...)
Observation layers creation is divided into two parts :

  • First, ADELIE VIDEO will create observation layers.
  • Then ADELIE OBSERVATION will integrate these layers in a GIS system and apply a specific symbology. This Adelie module also allows to calculate density matrix for all observation layers.