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ADELIE requirements

System requirements

Adelie is compliant with Windows 7

Adelie is NOT compliant with Windows 8 & 10

 (GIS module based on ArcGIS version 9.3.1 or 10.2)

  • PC : CPU 2.2 Ghz or higher,
  • RAM : 2GB
  • Screen resolution : 1024 * 768 or higher,
  • Windows XP or higher,
  • 1 DVD player,
  • 1 RS232 serial link,
  • 1 IEEE 1394 port (for digital video processing).

Other software to be installed before ADELIE

For the correct operation of ADELIE software, it is recommended that the following software, to be purchased separately by the user, be installed first :


  • Microsoft Office 2000 (or higher) or Open Office (free)
  • Microsoft DirectX 9.x (or higher),
  • ArcView 3.x, 9.1, 9.3.1 or 10.2 from ESRI with the 3D Analyst extension (in option).
  • ffdshow which will provide a full setup codec use in video management.
    Caution ! Adelie's extensions hasn't been validated for 9.2 ArcGIS version.


Compatible video tape recorders

In order to use the operating software for video recorders, the equipment must be able to be connected to the computer via the serial line. Each video recorder must be linked to a serial port (COM 1 or COM 2) of your computer, by an RS232 or S422 cable (9Pin – 9Pin) or (9Pin – 25Pin) depending on your video recorder.

The following table specifies the connectors required for each video recorder :

  •  Type of video recorder
  • Connectors


9pin female – 9 pin female crossed connector

SVHS : JVC SR-S800E ou SR-500E

9pin female – 9 pin female crossed connector

SVHS : Panasonic 7700

9pin male – 9 pin male + connector + adaptor Antona ANC 6090

SVHS : Panasonic 7750

9pin male – 9 pin male + connector + adaptor Antona ANC 6090

SVHS : Panasonic 5700, 7150, 7350 ou 7355 (avec carte RS232)

9pin female – 25 pin male crossed connector

 Sony UVW 1200/1400/1600/1800

9pin male – 9 pin male + connector + adaptor Antona ANC 6090

BETACAM : Sony UVW 1700

9pin female – 9 pin female crossed connector

DVCAM : Sony DSR 20

9pin female – 9 pin female crossed connector

For video recorders without an RS 422 interface, an RS 232 – RS 422 adapter will be necessary. For the development platform of the underwater vehicle post-processing tools, the Antona Corporation adapter was used (cf., ref. ANC 6090).


Video acquisition card

Nota: you don't need any video card or any video convertor if your video are recorded onto DVDs. 

In order to be able to capture new images and produce mosaics from videos tapes, your computer must be equipped with a video card.

Most of analog video cards which have a DirectX interface can be used. Nevertheless, analog video card providers do not support their products stop or update them. No stable strategy can be applied that's why we do recommend to use an external analog to digital video box and a PC IEEE 1394 interface.

Today, we recommend analog to digital video external box such as the  Pinnacle Studio MovieBox DV ( or a similar product with a FireWire connection (IEEE 1394). Such boxes allow you to process your S-VHS tape with a desktop or a labtop computer and a VCR. These S-VHS VCR must be remote controlled thanks to a RS232 or 422 serial link.


PC graphic card / video output

If you want to display DVD videos onto an analog video monitor, it is recommended to use a "DualHead" graphic card such as Matrox 450, 550 or ParheliaTM and to use it in the DVDmax DualHead mode. The second screen is then an analog video monitor which is connected to the PC thanks to a Matrox TV-Out (M-TV-DVD/B) cable.

Carte graphique du PC / Sorties vidéo