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New versions available in the download section :


  • Adelie GIS, OBS & OTUS  version 2.5 for ArcGIS 10.3.1
  • Adelie GIS for QGIS
  • Adelie Video module version 3.0
    • New design for communication between adelie modules
    • Video annotation function

Underwater vehicle data post-processing software


ADELIE software is a post-processing tool-set which has been developed to visualize, handle, and enhance images, videos and data recorded during Ifremer underwater vehicle dives (NAUTILE, ROV VICTOR 6000, CYANA, SCAMPI, etc.).

ADELIE Import :

Converts underwater vehicle raw data into thematic files which can be processed directly by most common PC tools (Excel, ArcMap, etc.) :

  • navigation,
  • attitude,
  • events,
  • measurements,
  • observation descriptions,
  • etc.

ADELIE Vidéo :


Video Recorder control software which can :

  • synchronise up to 3 tapes with the dive data,
  • capture new video still images and sequences,
  • create video tape summaries automatically,



based on ArcMap, with this tool, you can:

  • display layered thematic fields,
  • display in the background sea bed map and imagery produced by CARAIBES,
  • filter and smooth vehicle navigation,
  • have direct access to pictures,
  • localize the video in real time,
  • interactively create a sea bed characterisation,
  • etc.