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Conducting the cruises

In this document, you will find a series of files which will enable you to make your applications for research cruises, and to prepare and assess them.

Caution: before making any cruise application, we strongly recommend that you read the Naval operation guide:

2002 Invitation for bids

This application file is for scientists who want to use ocean research facilities for sea cruises. It applies to naval facilities managed by Ifremer, IFRTP and IRD, but also provides access to British and German vessels and equipment.

Tripartite agreement

You'll find the text of the three-member exchange agreement between the BMBF, the NERC and Ifremer, here.

2002 cruise application forms

For cruises in 2002, the filing deadline is 15th January 2001

Foreign waters authorization

This file includes the application forms for authorization of studies in foreign waters

Cruise preparation

This file summarizes the steps to prepare deep-sea and coastal cruises along with the forms required for their preparation

Cruise assessment

This file includes the forms, sheets and documents to complete for the technical and scientific assessments

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Textes portant sur les règles à suivre en particulier dans le domaine de la sécurité, les frais facturables au chef de mission, l'organisation du temps de travail, les droits et obligations en matière de données, les relations avec les médias et le droit des images, le mandat du chef de mission sur les navires océanographiques de l'Ifremer.
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