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This site contains information about GLOBE software.

GLOBE software is a post-processing software to handle, clean, chart and display global oceanographic 3D data. This software can be used at sea during cruises or in any scientific laboratory.

This software is a developped in java on an plugin based architecture. This allow us develop and add easily new modules in GLOBE software.

Bathymetry module

 GLOBE software has a complete set of tools to process bathymetry, backscatter and sidescan data:

  • Display and process sounds,
  • DTM generation,
  • Connection to Data Centers.

3DViewer module 

GLOBE software includes a geographic 3D Viewer, which allows the user to display data such as :

  • Digital Terrain Model,
  • Geotiff files,
  • WMS data,
  • Seismic data,
  • Water column data,

PLACA 4D module 

You can find detailled information about PLACA 4D here :

Examples of GLOBE data :

Papers (French)


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